[Impression] New Civic Hatchback FL1 6MT 2021 Test Drive in Japan



I write the impression about New Civic Hatchback 6MT Honda.

I drive the new civic in the meantime inspection my civic type r (FK8) at car dealer.

This new civic is so easy to handle and have exceptional driving performance like BMW!! (⇦overstatement lol) Recommended for beginners!!

and It become rare manual transmission made in Japan, This car should buy.

I want to recommend the grade 2022 CIVIC SPORT TOURING HATCHBACK with 6MT. This grade is “EX” at Japan. And You can buy from 30245$, but in Japan from ¥4000000 (35000$). Japanese are not customers!!

2023 Civic Hatchback: Sporty Performance | Honda
The new Honda Civic Hatchback has been redesigned inside and out, with lively powertrain options, a spacious cabin and ample cargo room.

I write the impression about CVT New Civic Hatchback. But this article is written Japanese. Someday, I will write in English.


The car of manual transmission that is not like JDM MT.

This is first impression. Not like JDM MT car like civic type r EK9.

This car is very smooth like automatic transmission, but it have a clutch and 6MT.

This clutch is very easy to connect, and it connects firmly regardless of the amount of increase, so even if you raise it only a little or raise it quite a bit, a constant torque will be output. I think the meatpoint is wide.

On the other hand, FK8 is more mechanical than FL1, strong near the meetpoint, and weak torque is generated when it is far.

From Honda official website

Driving Feeling

It is luxury sport car and has high performance like BMW.

The vibration, quietness, acceleration, interior and exterior is sufficient for long drive.

The engine is 1.5L turbo (not VTEC, but written at engine), that generate 180hp and torque 240Nm. It is same power at FK7.

Surprisingly it is same engine size at Jazz (Fit in Japan). The downsizing turbo engine is amazing.

As expected Honda of the engine!!

The acceleration feeling is like NA engine than FK7. You feel more linear than FK7.

1st to 4th gears are insanely easy to use, and you can feel the acceleration of JDM sport.

I accelerated at 3rd gear, it was more and more accelerating with the powerful turbo engine sound.

5, 6the gears are used high speed cruise, not powerful like FK8. FK8 can feel powerful accelerating at 5, 6th gear, it’s amazing.

The fuel efficiency is very high like PRIUS Toyota (lol). At cruise, it is reach 20km/L.

One unfortunate part is that I want to hear more exhaust sound. I can not hear blipping. GR Yaris didn’t hear either. If you want to purchase FL1 MT, please replace the exhaust system.

This color is BOOST BLUE PEARL, it’s very cool !!! This setting is not in Japan !

Luxury Interior

Honda has adopted a new design interior at new HR-V (Vezel ), civic.

And new car display has a wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto that is only Sport Touring.

So, you can charge your smartphone by wireless charger at new civic and connect display without cable. Of course, you can turn off the charger.

But, the function of car navigation is unnecessary. Because, you have smartphone, use Google Navi through Apple Car Play or Android Auto.

BOSE Speakers are not 5.1ch, but they sound surround by many speaker. That is exactly BOSE CIVIC !!

These interior is greatly evolved from FK7.

The unfortunate part is the hazard switch. Somehow cheap.

New Washer Ejection Wiper

I don’t know this wiper !!! It’s new type !!

The washer fluid is not the method that is sprayed onto the window. Wet the wiper, collect water and wipe the window. Change to a method that is too gentle on the coating.

It is less likely to attack the window washer while driving. It is a popular at Japanese driver like Keichi Tsuchiya !!

By the way, the wiper replacement is a set removal, so the wages seem to be expensive.


I explained the impression of the New Civic Hatchback (FL1) 6MT Honda.

It’s much easier to drive than the MT a long time ago.

Among the MT cars that can be purchased now, it will be by far the most luxurious and driving performance.

It is definitely an easy car to drive even for MT beginners.

I definitely want you to choose MT !!